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Save Time & Money With One & Done Pricing

Posted On: 06/15/2018
With Village At Griesbach's ONE & DONE Pricing, you don't have to worry about wasting more money and time finishing off your new home after move in.

ONE & DONE means the extra features and services you need to have done after purchasing a new home are included in one affordable price. These are items most other communities and builders don’t include such as fencing for your yard, a rear attached or detached garage, premium exterior finishes and details, a rear deck and, of course, full yard landscaping.

Each of these items are packaged into your new home price and can be conveniently included in a mortgage. The added cost to your mortgage payment for all these things will depend on the type and terms of your mortgage, but should range between $75 and $90 per month.

ONE & DONE Pricing means every aspect of your home is professionally planned, designed, built and warrantied; plus, all the work is done by experienced qualified tradespeople. This ensures a higher quality look and finish for your home and the community in general. In other words, higher resale value down the road and increased property and investment values over time. Not to mention, the creation of the city’s most impressive streetscapes.

ONE & DONE Pricing has been an essential part of Village at Griesbach, contributing to FOUR Awards Of Excellence as the city’s BEST COMMUNITY.

So, save your money and enjoy more free time for the things that really matter when you purchase a new home in Village at Griesbach. We make sure purchasing, building and moving into your new home is affordable and convenient with ONE & DONE PRICING. It’s our gift to all the busy active families out there wanting a home that fits them perfectly without the extra costs or work to finish it.

For complete details visit our show homes today and ask specifically about One & Done Pricing.