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Spectacular Community Gardening In Griesbach

Posted On: 06/12/2017

CTV Edmonton recently featured a report on the community gardens located in Village At Griesbach. We are proud to say these gardens were an important aspect of the community’s master plan created by Canada Lands Company which profiles the developer’s commitment to a greener and more sustainable neighborhood.

Village at Griesbach boasts over 144 plots, each approximately 20’x20′. The community garden is located in a fenced enclave at the south end of the Village’s magnificent 24-acre Central Hill Park on Sir Authur Currie Way. The area features a storage shed for tools and hoses, waste bins, recycling and compost barrels, watering taps and plan wood borders to define each growing space. The garden plots were completely booked for 2017 late in 2016. For information on these gardens and how to sign up in the future, contact Bob Fraser at 780-456-0671.

These gardens offer numerous benefits for new home residents and neighbors. It is an inexpensive activity that brings neighbors closer together. It enables them to connect with their community and unites new homeowners and long-time residents through a common interest.

Sustainable living and environmental stewardship were key planning principles of Village At Griesbach's vision. Development of the community gardens is a lasting testament to this commitment - designed to serve the public for years to come.