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Royal Canadian Air Force Monument - Village at Griesbach

Posted On: 09/21/2015

With the sounds of F-18 fighter jets buzzing in the skies above, a new 10-foot tall monument commemorating the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) was erected in Edmonton Sunday.

In a culmination ceremony for RCAF Week, which kicked off in Edmonton on Sept. 14 and wrapped up Sunday, the stainless steel sculpture named “Ad Astra”, which is part of the RCAF motto and means “to the stars”, was erected in a park in the Village at Griesbach in North Edmonton – a neighbourhood built on the former Griesbach military base.

The sculpture was designed by local company Stainless Dreams. It represents a “star burst” formation, an aerobatic maneuver performed at military air shows.

Installed alongside the steel sculpture are granite storyboard sculptures designed to tell the story of Edmonton’s strong contribution to Canada’s Air Force history, which dates back almost 100 years, as well as plaques honoring eight RCAF veterans with strong connections to the region and the province.

Among the three honourees who attended Sunday’s event are Wing Commander Russell Bannock, Lieutenant General Don Laubman, and Flight Lieutenant Robert (Bob) Morgan. The other five RCAF members honoured Sunday are Flight Lieutenant Johnnie Caine, Lieutenant General William Carr, Brig-Gen. Keith Greenaway, Brig-Gen. Bill Newson and Group Captain Joe Schultz. In addition, a total of eight streets in the Village at Griesbach community were renamed Sunday. The RCAF Commemorative Society helped to raise $215,000 to have the monument and the storyboards installed.

Sunday’s ceremony also featured a military parade with a flypast from Griffon Helicopters, CF-18 jet fighters, and a Hercules aircraft.