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Jane’s Walk YEG is Heading to Village at Griesbach!

Posted On: 04/25/2019
We are excited to announce that Village at Griesbach will be a part of Jane's Walk YEG 2019!

Jane’s Walk festivals take place in hundreds of cities across the globe and encourages people to share stories about their neighbourhood, discover the rich history of a community and use walking as a way to connect people with their community.  

On Saturday, May the 4th, join Jane’s Walk YEG and Canada Lands Company Senior Director Marvin Neumann for a fun, engaging and inspiring walking tour filled with interesting insights and stories of the Village at Griesbach while you connect with neighbours and share stories about Edmonton’s most historic community.

How to Participate

There's no need for sign-ups and the tour is FREE! Everyone is welcome to join! Stop by Village at Griesbach on May 4th, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. at the Northwest corner of General Griesbach roundabout (the intersection of Griesbach Parade and Gault Boulevard) and get ready for a fun-filled adventure! 

A Preview of What to Expect

Check out Village at Griesbach's own walking tour and get a sneak peek of the kind of things you can expect to see in Edmonton's Best Community

About Jane's Walk

Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) was a journalist, author and activist whose writings championed a fresh, community-based approach to city building. Jacobs saw cities as ecosystems that had their own logic and dynamism which would change over time according to how they were used.

*Photo courtesy of Jane's Walk YEG

Created in 2007 in Toronto, friends of Jane Jacobs put on the annual series of free, volunteer-led urban walks which has grown to over 500 walks, from Calgary to Canberra and Sao Paulo to Saskatoon.

Jane’s Walk Schedule:

Date: May. 4, 2019
Time: 2:30 p.m. 
Starting Location: Northwest corner of General Griesbach Roundabout (the intersection of Griesbach Parade and Gault Boulevard)

For more information on the Jane’s Walk Village at Griesbach walking tour, visit: