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Village at Griesbach is All About Good Community Design

Posted On: 05/06/2019
Village at Griesbach was recently featured in the Edmonton Journal as one of Edmonton’s first master-planned communities that have transformed the look of Edmonton with its “good community design”. 

Edmonton’s neighbourhood infrastructure is rapidly changing, with the focus being more about enhancing how people live and interact in a community rather than erecting a cluster of houses in a subdivision and calling it a “community”. 

To quote the Edmonton Journal:

“It’s about crafting beautiful homes that blend together in a harmonious streetscape, and thoughtful planning that incorporates the power of scenery, nature, trees, boulevard and street design, and strong amenities — the framework that shapes and activates that series of intangibles — connectedness, belonging, and pride, that we call community.”

The Village at Griesbach, designed and conceptualized by Canada Lands Company in 2003, uses innovative development practices and new urbanism principles to create a master-planned community that promotes sustainability, walkability and beautiful streetscape designs all while maintaining traditional community character and profound respect for the land’s military legacy.

“It really has a completely different feeling than the standard suburban community,” says Marvin Neumann, Senior Director of Canada Lands Company.

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The vision for Village at Griesbach is to create a vibrant community that generates enduring value for its homeowners. One aspect of this vision is to create a sense of harmony among neighbourhood homes and other buildings that ensures a high standard of visual appeal consistent with appropriate regional precedents and a focus on architecture that emulates the classic look of small Canadian cities and towns. 

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“We really wanted to give it more of a pedestrian feel that emphasizes good quality architecture, staying true to the older Edmonton character in communities like Glenora, with its century-old tree-lined boulevards, separate sidewalks, alleys and front porches.”

- Marvin Neumann, Senior Director of CLC

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