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Bring on summer! Outdoor activities you can do in your yard

Posted On: 06/12/2020

One of the best things about summer time is the ability to spend time outdoors again. Basking in the beautiful sunshine, getting some extra vitamin D and a little extra glow on your skin is the perfect way to spend a warm afternoon.

With COVID-19, many usual summer activities have been kicked to the curb — no lounging by public, outdoor pools or heading to the park to pass the frisby around. But, that doesn’t mean fun activities have been cancelled! There are still plenty of great things to do in the great outdoors of your backyard!

Below are 10 fun activities you can do with your family. Get the sunshine and spend time outside while keeping you and your community safe!

  1. Croquet

Although croquet is a relatively old-fashioned yard game, it’s a classic for a reason! Setting up the pins with a fun amount of obstacles gives each game you play a unique twist. The game requires hand-eye coordination, patience, and some restraint when hitting the ball — all great skills to teach young children! Fun for the whole family, croquet is an old classic that should never go out of style.

  1. Ladder Toss

Ladder toss is a great way to spend an afternoon playing games while still relaxing. Typically coming in a set, or you can try making your own for an additional activity, the ladder rack is set up and all players remain a certain distance from the ladder (distances can be modified per-player for fairness). You then take turns throwing bolas, two balls connected by a string, onto the ladder rungs. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game (scored by getting your bola to wrap around a run, top being 1 point, middle being  2 points, and bottom being 3 points, or however you choose) wins!

  1. Giant Jenga

You can get giant jenga sets at many stores and online. The added ‘giant’ factor makes the game incredibly fun to play outside! All the usual jenga rules apply, only use one hand to try and remove and stack the pieces without toppling the tower over! For an added twist, you can write things on the pieces, such as chores or other activities to do after the game. Examples of chores could be to cook lunch for the whole family, clean a room in the house, or fold laundry, and activities could include book suggestions, writing prompts, or other games to play.

  1. Kick the can

A summer time, kids classic, this fun game provides endless entertainment and uses up plenty of energy! Combining hide-and-seek with tag, this game is an ultimate challenge for players. Hide from those catching you, can kick the can in the middle of the playing area to win!

  1. Bocce ball

Another classic game, bocce is fun to play in almost any sized space. The game requires a single small ball as the mark, and each player requires two, larger balls for their game play. The task is simple, throw/roll your bocce balls as close to the mark as possible. But look out for sabotage, as other player can also work to hit your ball away. Simplicity sometimes makes for the best games, and bocce is a perfect example of that!

  1. Yard bowling

Yard bowling sets are a great way to spend time outside. Just set up your pins and bowl through the grass, writing down points, strikes, and every other bowling point system. For added fun, try glow-in-the-dark bowling sets to also play at night!

  1. Yard-skee ball

Yard skee ball is a fun way to bring the arcade to you! Skee ball is a great game that lets you practice your aim as you roll a ball up the slope, hopefully into the holes to get points! 

  1. Spikeball

Spikeball is like a miniaturized, high-speed game of volleyball. It’s fast, fun, and often quite challenging. This is a great game to play in your backyard as it takes up very little space while still being very entertaining!

  1. Badminton

Badminton is easy to set up and easy to play! You can hit the birdie back and forth just for fun, or play for real with points and rules. The game is also smaller scale than tennis or other racket games, making it easy to play in almost any yard!

  1. Catch

Just because it’s a basic activity doesn’t mean it should be left out! Playing catch is one of the best summer activities, whether that’s with a football, baseball, or any other throwing object! Throwing a ball back and forth lets you communicate with each other, spend time outdoors, and easily pass the time!

There’s so much you can do this summer, hanging out outdoors and basking in the summer weather, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home! Bring on the fun summer activities in your beautiful yard in Village at Griesbach.