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Griesbach’s Community Garden: Everything You Need to Know

Posted On: 08/28/2015

Located at the base of Central Park, on Sir Arthur Currie Way, is the Griesbach Veterans Community Garden.  While this is the first year in this location, the community garden has been around since 2004 and is supported by the City of Edmonton and Sustainable Food Edmonton.

Some History: The Griesbach Veteran's Community Garden was established by a core of six veterans over the 2003–2004 winter season. It was previously known as the Garrison Horticultural Club which had existed for over 20 years.

Current Garden: The land is very productive, with the capability of growing a variety of at least 40 types of vegetables within a 120 day growing season. There are 142 plots available to the public, with the plots primarily used for vegetable gardening. Residents of Griesbach get priority for any new openings (previous gardeners from the old site who live outside of Griesbach have been grandfathered in, but as they leave, new openings will go to Griesbach residents first).

All plots are currently allocated, however anyone can join the waitlist. To sign up simply add your name to the list in the shed on-site (open weekdays evening 6:30 to 8:30) daytime Saturday and Sunday or contact Bob Fraser at 780.456.0671. Registration will begin in March. It is advertised through the community news and on the Griesbach Community League Facebook Page.

As a member of Sustainable Food Edmonton, the Veterans Community Garden makes charitable donations of fresh produce to organizations such as the Mustard Seed, and the Edmonton Food Bank.

As the center of Griesbach, the community garden provides personal enjoyment, therapeutic value, and fosters community relations.

The cost is $55.00 for the first year.Of that, $30 is a refundable damage deposit. If you clean up your garden etc, you will get that portion back. After the first year the deposit is reduced to $10.

There is also a volunteer fee of $10

Gardening in Edmonton: Edmonton is climate zone 3b. For some ideas of plants suitable for this climate, check out, and