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Socially Distanced Activities to Do In Village at Griesbach

Posted On: 08/11/2020

We’ve likely all become a little stir crazy after having been house-bound for several months due to the global pandemic. With the Edmonton area opening up a little more, we can be more open to seeing friends and family safely, or just spending a little more time out of the house. The safest activities to do while social distancing are outside, as it’s easiest to social distance out of doors, and there is no shared air space.

1. Walking Trails Throughout the Community

Village at Griesbach has beautiful walking trails throughout the entire community! You can visit each tribute to the Canadian military on an absolutely gorgeous walk! The first great walking trail is around Patricia Lake and Park, you can visit this fantastic tribute to The Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry as well as walk around the entire beautiful lake! You could walk around Roundel Lake and visit Ad Astra, a 10 metre high tribute to the Royal Canadian Air Force! Ad Astra is the Royal Canadian Air Force’s motto that means “to the stars”. Be sure to also visit the trails along 97th Street, 137th Ave, and Castle Downs, as well as the beautiful trail up Central Hill! If you walked every trail in the community, you would be getting around a 6 km walk which is a really great trek!

2. Sit and Enjoy the Sites

The community has some great places where you can relax and socialize while still remaining socially distant. Sit and enjoy the beautiful poppies in Flanders Field Park, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the famous poem. Another place you could choose to sit and relax is at the top of Central Hill! There are absolutely gorgeous views of the entire community, as well as the downtown Edmonton skyline, and there are multiple seating options to give you the opportunity to stay six feet apart.

3. Go for a Bike Ride

The sites and trails for a bike ride may be the same as walking, but the experience is very different! See all the beautiful lakes, monuments, and trees but at a faster pace as you zip past. Biking is a great socially distanced activity as it is very difficult to get within six feet of a person if you are both on bicycles! Biking over the rolling hills of Griesbach is also a great form of exercise, so not only is it an activity you can do with others while staying socially distanced, it’s also a chance to work out together!

4. Grab Lunch or a Coffee and Sit Outside

Village at Griesbach has some fantastic restaurants and coffee shops in the Village Square, located in the southeast corner of the community! Paramo Cafe is a locally owned coffee shop and bakery with tons of sweet treats to choose from! Visit Mt Fuji or PhoEver Noodles and Grill for some fantastic, locally owned food! If you’re more in the mood for fast food, the Village Square also has a Popeyes Chicken, Carls’ Jr, and Tim Hortons. Get whatever you’re in the mood for and have a social distance picnic with a friend! Or, you can sit outside at tables six feet apart for a more relaxing, but still safe, visit!

5. Tour the Beautiful Houses

Village at Griesbach has been voted Edmonton’s best and most beautiful community for a reason. The streetscapes are beautiful and if you’re thinking about building a new home, walking around Griesbach’s homes is a great way to get inspired! Look at all the houses in the community to figure out what you like and what would be the best for your family. You can walk around with friends and family and have conversations like “is it better to have a detached garage or attached garage?” “Should we consider more bedrooms since the kids are getting older?” “Would we benefit from a garage suite?” These are all great things to talk about with friends and family if you’re considering building a new home, and why not have these conversations while looking at the lovely houses, themselves?

There’s plenty of ways to explore Village at Griesbach while remaining safe and socially distant! When you visit the community and enter public places, be sure to follow all of AHS’s COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations, wear a mask if you can, avoid touching your face, and wash your hands regularly!