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Griesbach Hosts a Pumpkin Walk

Posted On: 10/30/2020

Village at Griesbach was home to a spooky event this past weekend! On October 24th, you may have noticed hundreds of carved pumpkins lining Village at Griesbach’s walking trails. From Bedford Basin all the way to Patricia Lake and Park, carved pumpkins marked the path for an interactive Halloween story experience.

Village at Griesbach loves decorating and getting in the spirit of every holiday, and Halloween is no different! In light of COVID-19, the Village at Griesbach community league put their heads together to create a fun and safe event so families in Griesbach could still celebrate the day!

Kelsey Franco, Village at Griesbach’s community league social director, was inspired by two different events she attended. The first was another pumpkin walk where participants walked through trails lined with jack-o-lanterns, and the second event was a medieval themed festival she participated in in Italy.

The two events came together for a mystical night of storytelling and fun in Griesbach! Cohorts started at the beginning of the trail of pumpkins, making their way through as actors told a magical story. 

The only price of admission was being asked to participate in setup by carving a pumpkin that would line the path. The event showed just how ready and willing community members are to help out and create amazing events in Village at Griesbach!

Griesbach has always boasted high levels of excitement and participation from community members, and it’s wonderful to see that the pandemic and restrictions hasn’t stopped the community from figuring out how to celebrate safely!

There is even talk about continuing to add onto this pumpkin walk festival each year. Community members commented that even with all the added necessary precautions, this event helped making this Halloween one of their favourites!

The fun energy and experience doesn’t have to be over though! If you weren’t able to participate in Village at Griesbach’s pumpkin festival, you could try recreating it in your home or backyard! Your children will love it, and it provides a contact-free alternative to trick-or-treating. Carve some pumpkins and create a display, and tell the story!

The play was written by David and Lisabeth Sewell McCann, from Sparkle Stories. The interactive play features a band of young travellers (the children) searching to find Jack, a wily fire sprite who stole the fairy princess’ magic wand. The fairy princess’ wand has the ability to temporarily freeze people, and the fire sprite Jack used the fairy’s magic to freeze her, stalling the fairy ball and creating lots of mischief! Download the story here and perform the story yourself and recreate Griesbach’s magical pumpkin festival from home!