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Griesbach Community Garden At Work!

Posted On: 03/12/2015

A natural oasis in an urban residential village - it's the best of both worlds!

Located in Central Hill Park on Sir Arthur Currie Way, Griesbach's community garden offers numerous benefits for new home residents and neighbours. Sustainable living and environmental stewardship are key planning principles of Griesbach's community vision. The development of the community garden is a lasting testament to this commitment - designed to serve locals for years to come.

What Are The Health Benefits?

A shared garden in a residential community has been shown to improve the health of those involved. It allows participants to interact in a socially meaningful and physically productive way. Exposure to green space reduces stress and increases a sense of belonging. The garden can be a great escape for recreation and exercise, resulting in increased aerobic capacity, improved flexibility and energy!

A community garden can also produce local, nutritious food contributing to a healthier diet. Being able to grow and cook fresh, organic produce in your own community is convenient and can help to reduce family food budgets.

Getting Connected!

Participating in a shared garden is an inexpensive activity that brings neighbours closer together. It enables them to connect with their community and unites new home owners and long-time residents from a variety of backgrounds.

Connecting residents to the community increases their sense of stewardship. It fosters the development of community identity and spirit. And community gardens open up the possibility for social exchange, which can be a focal point for organizing community events.

A Great Teaching Tool

The garden amenity at Griesbach is a safe place to teach youth about community and stewardship. It's an ideal resource to teach kids about environmental sustainability, life skills and where food comes from.

Children involved in shared garden projects begin to identify and eat vegetables they would have never considered before. They also develop valuable skills, such as self reliance and responsibility. And they get to know their neighbours by building a safe community.

Beauty and Sustainability Working Together

Beautifying the environment and promoting sustainability in a new community is a win-win for everyone. Communities designed to preserve natural areas heighten people's awareness and appreciation for the neighbourhood, and provide residents with a retreat from the busy outside world.

A community garden can improve property values and the local ecosystem.The environmental benefits of community gardens include increased pervious surfaces, allowing for groundwater recharge, and improved air quality through plants and trees. The garden can also be used to recycle tree trimmings, leaves, grass clippings and other organic materials.

Spring Is Coming!

Find out more about the Griesbach community garden by visiting us today...and enjoy a truly spectacular amenity in the comfort and convenience of Edmonton's beautiful, new lifestyle community - Village of Griesbach.