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Ceremony in Griesbach Honours 100th Anniversary of In Flanders Fields.

Posted On: 11/03/2015

On Sunday, November 1st, The Castle Downs Recreation Society and Village At Griesbach invited the public, members of the medical and artillery reserve units, and civic, provincial, and national dignitaries to attend the Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of In Flanders Fields at Flanders Field Park in Griesbach. 

One-hundred years after it was written, Lt.-Col. John McCrae’s iconic poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ continues to be a large part of Canada’s history. A bronze plaque etched with McCrae’s hand-written words was unveiled with two story boards, one explaining how McCrae came to write the poem during the Second Battle of Ypres and the other explaining how his poem and the poppy became the symbol of remembrance.

“It’s a poem that tells people about why the soldiers were there and it talks about the lives cut short. The Great War, the First World War, an entire generation was lost during that war,” said Lt.-Col. Roger Scott. “To think of an entire generation wiped out and cut down in its prime, you need to remember that. And this war, was supposed to be the one that ended all wars and yet we, Canadians, are still active in conflicts raging around the world.”

The Ceremony was presided over by Master of Ceremonies Gord Steinke, and featured a reading of In Flanders Fields by Kaylem Nice, a Grade 7 Student from Major General Griesbach School. Of special note was the attendance of Bev Esslinger, Councillor, Ward Three, City Of Edmonton; The honourable David Eggen, Minister of Health, Alberta Government, Lieutenant-Colonel Roger Scott, Deputy Commander 1 Health Services Group, and Lieutenant-Colonel Jeffrey Wilson, Commanding Officer, 20th Field Artillery Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery. Representing Canada Lands and Village At Griesbach was Mr. Marvin Neumann, Director, Development Engineering and Construction. A special thanks also to the cadet band that performed at the ceremony.

Canada Lands Company, the developer of Village At Griesbach, would like to thank The Castle Downs Recreation Society; the 15 Field Ambulance; the 20 Field Artillery Regiment; the Royal Canadian Artillery; the 20 Field Battery Unit; the 1 Health Services Group, the many dignitaries who attended, and the public and community at Village at Griesbach for their unceasing support as we continue to honour Canada’s proud military heritage.