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Spring Means GROW

Posted On: 04/25/2016
Village At Griesbach Has Edmonton’s BEST Public Gardens

With the coming of spring, Village At Griesbach will launch its second year of public garden activity. This incredible public amenity is open to everyone as these plots are part of the City Of Edmonton’s program. There are over 40 gardens available and last year they booked up month’s before planting ever started. Canada Lands Company designed and created these gardens in cooperation with the City Of Edmonton and with the support of the Village At Griesbach Community Association, who manages bookings and reservations. The gardens initiative was part of Canada Land Company’s commitment to creating a “greener and more sustainable” neighbourhood while also providing a practical ueful amenity for home owners. The gardens are located in a fenced enclave at the south end of the Village’s magnificent 24 acre Central Hill Park. It features a storage shed for tools and hoses, waste bins, recycling and compost barrels, watering taps and borders to define each space. For information on these gardens and how to sign up in the future, contact Bob Fraser at 780-456-0671.

Be Prepared And Get Ready To Grow
Getting your garden ready in spring includes more than just showing up with a handful of seeds and hoping things grow. In a few weeks temperatures should have warmed up substantially and the annual rituals of gardening will begin. So, we’ve compiled some tips that may help your garden grow whether it’s a public garden plot or just plants in the yard.
The best idea is to plan what you’re planting and arrange the seeds or plants and where you’ll be purchasing them. Make sure you are aware of the growing and soil conditions required for each plant to avoid the disappointment of little or late growth. It’s great to think you want to grow huge delicious zucchini but if that’s impossible given our short season, clay based soil conditions or pest infestations you may want to avoid the plant and substitute something hardier and more appropriate for your condition.
Edmonton is a Zone 3 climate and you should select plants that flourish in that condition. You should also plan what plants you’ll be growing as not all types are compatible for root spread, moisture, sun or shade.
Another consideration is cleaning your bed and tilling soil. Over winter soil can compact from the snow and much of the top soil may have run off in the spring snow melt. Tilling soil and supplementing it with fresh top soil provides a healthier base to begin planting. A major step to improve soil conditions is adding compost and organic matter. Peat moss helps retain moisture in the soil and if there is a lot of clay you can add sand. Greenhouses carry different soil and compost mixtures to meet such conditions..

A final aspect of preparing your garden is to define edges so you don’t experience soil erosion, loss and water run off damage from rain or sprinkling during the warner months when the ground hardens.

Most planting begins after the May long weekend, but it’s more important to pay attention to weather. If the weather is warm and damp by seasonal standards and the risk of frost is negligible than planting can take place. Given Edmonton’s short planting and growing season, make sure to get your garden in as early as possible to ensure a rich fall harvest and lots of healthy family food.