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Why We Remember Them Every Day

Posted On: 11/02/2016

For years the “Village “ was home to thousands of proud Canadians that answered their country’s call, and by their actions made our world a better more peaceful place. Village at Griesbach is built on the site of a former Canadian Forces Base. Canada Lands Company, the community’s developer has made it part of their mission to respect and honour the military legacy of every site they’re entrusted with and carry forward Canada’s military history to educate and inform the public and future generations.

In 2015, Village at Griesbach honoured Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, author of the world famous remembrance poem “In Flanders Field” on the 100th Anniversary of the poem’s creation. McCrae wrote his prose while serving as a medic in France during World War I. Complementing McCrae’s tribute is the beautiful Flanders Fields Park located in the community’s northwest corner. It is a beautiful area where people can reflect on the important role Canada has played throughout history in global conflict.

And, Why A Poppy?

After reading John McCrae’s poem, Moina Michael, who worked with the YMCA Overseas Secretaries, was inspired to wear a red poppy as a sign of remembrance and “keeping the faith with all those who died”. The poem “In Flanders Field “and the red poppy carry an enduring message that war is the last resort in dealing with conflict among nations and we can never forget those who have served our country.

Today, the Village is proud to recognize the incredible achievement and heroic actions of over 100,000 Canadians who died and the 225,000 others who were wounded during our nations many “calls to serve”.

By wearing a poppy, we support our military men and woman who have lost their lives in battle, and show our continued support for Canada’s Armed Forces.

Wear a poppy this Remembrance Day to honour them. You can obtain a complimentary poppy in any of our show homes. Canada Lands Company has already made a donation to the Royal Canadian Legion’s Poppy Fund on your behalf. #lestweforget